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DJM will do an analysis of your market and develop a concept that fits your destination. As a part of this assessment we will identify your restaurant needs and goals, assess the existing layout and conditions, identify any specific challenges, and define the best food and beverage components for you site. We will determine the meal periods best for your market (breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night, etc.) Propose the appropriate wine list and cocktail list.  We will compare the local market, price points within that market, profile your guest demographic, and look at the possibilities within your layout. We will assist in designing the restaurant space, access to the space, kitchen design, storage needed, work stations, bar and lounge, as well as bath rooms, dish and prep areas.


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In the concept development, we will create a goal for the restaurant and a focus for its specific concept to follow, no matter what managers are in place.  We will create a personality for the restaurant and bar and articulate key design elements to pull it through.  We will develop a menu concept that fits this focus and a service culture that enhances the theme.  We will identify a uniform that matches the concept. We will develop a financial model to map out ROI and also project future growth over each meal period.  We will develop estimated cover counts, average check, and with that develop an operating budget. We will help develop all the interior design from novelty to more precise pieces like table design, all table top items, kitchen equipment, bar equipment, service station equipment, and kitchen layouts. We will identify all operating systems needed like POS terminals and placement and open table if needed.  We will Identify all small wares both in back of house and front of house.  We will develop a timeline to make sure all pre-opening duties are pulled through.


We will develop a training program that stems from us identifying key managers, assisting in hiring staff for the operation, help develop proper advertisement for classified ads, suggest recruitment avenues, provide a service and overall restaurant mission statement.  We will create a punch list for side work, opening and closing procedures, and job descriptions.  We will help educate the staff through hands on production and recipe development.  We will assist in FOH staff training and setting up the proper pre-opening schedule of classes to properly prepare for the startup.  We will periodically monitor the menu, service and product being provided for ways to improve.


We will train on the proper operation of a kitchen.  We will develop good organization, standardized recipe books to launch with pictures of the food to train the staff.  We will do menu descriptions, yield tests, cost the menus, develop prep lists, and sight the best suppliers.  We will make menu price suggestions and develop an overall food cost. We will develop minimum staffing guidelines for the concept, develop the reservation system, set the opening date and plan up to that.  We will develop a grass roots marketing plan, help develop the name and logo, site web presence and develop a website.  We will recommend PR firms to help through the launch and bring in our task force for each department to provide a seamless opening.  We will help with the ambience of the space by developing a proper lighting philosophy, a perfect music environment and suggest the perfect artifacts to develop a specific mood.


After the opening, we will return for frequent visits to make sure the concept is staying on course.  We will tweak issues with food, drinks, or service.  We will analysis profitability and make suggestions how to become more efficient.  We will promote the property nationally, develop a local clientele, and help plan a path to become more involved with the community.