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About DJM Restaurants

DJM RESTAURANTS  is a full service restaurant consulting company that specializes in developing modern farm to table restaurants. The company was formed over fifteen years ago and has set new standards for hotel dining.  Principle and chef, Dean James Max, brings not only exceptional culinary pedigree, but an intense guerrilla marketing plan that is not only effective, but affordable to implement.  The company develops restaurant concepts that are based around farm to table, local, and sustainable cooking.  Each restaurant has it’s own distinct identity which allows it to be unique to the market around.  Consistent professional training is the key to success for all our restaurants.  The success of our restaurants are based on a high quality support staff of chefs, sous chefs, FOH managers, and devoted employees.

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Executive Chef and Culinary Director: Dean James Max


You would never have had to meet Chef Dean to feel his passion, sincerity, and respect for what you are about to eat, regardless of the course. I would equate his cooking to the enthusiasm of a child, the wisdom of a professor, and the talent of an artist rolled up in one.  Dean’s passion has led him to develop a web of professionals that allow him to achieve greatness in the culinary world.

  • 2012 Advisory Board for the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival
  • 2010 Crowned King of American Seafood after winning the Great American Seafood Cook-off in New Orleans representing the state of Florida
  • 2009, 2010, 2011 Finalist for Best Chef of the South, James Beard Foundation
  • 2005 Boca Raton Magazine voted Chef Max “Best Chef” in south Florida.
  • 2005 Readers Poll for New Times resulted in 4 awards for 3030 Ocean…Best Seafood, Best Service, Best Raw Bar, Best Broward Restaurant
  • 2006 National Restaurant Association voted Chef Max Best chef of South Florida
  • 2006 3030 Ocean received Best Seafood Restaurant, and Chef Max Best Chef
  • 2007 Best Chef South Florida, Fort Lauderdale Magazine
  • 2008 Best Chef Boca Raton Magazine
  • 2009 Best Chef South Florida, New Times Magazine
  • 2009 Chef Chair for Taste of the Nation
  • 2007-2009 Best Seafood Restaurant South Florida by Gold Coast Magazine
  • 2008-09 Board member at large Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association
  • 2005-2009 Board member of the Seafood & Aquaculture Advisory Board reporting to the Department of Agriculture
  • 2004-2009 Sponsored by the Wild American Shrimp Organization
  • 2008-09 Board member for the culinary division of the Art Institute, Fort Lauderdale


Culinary Specialist, Jeremy Ford


Jeremy has worked with DJM for over 4 years and comes to this company with culinary experience in many outstanding kitchens from east coast to west coast.  Traveling with an intense desire to teach great food technique and discipline, Jeremy helps develop the restaurant chefs, sous chefs, and cooks into highly functioning culinary managers.












Nicole Jackson, Restaurant Management

Nicole has worked under the management style of DJM for over 11 years as a restaurant manager and is key component in helping to develop the front of the house style of an operation.  Through an attention to fine details, Nicole helps to develop a path for success through any level of service.  With experience with multiple flawless openings, Nicole specializes in training a front of house for success.








Cris Dehlavi, Mixologist

Cris is an accomplished mixologist with many years experience behind the bar.  Cris specializes in precise bar and service set-ups as well as developments in a modern bar where applicable.  Her many years of bar service allow her to understand the needs of a bar staff and provide them with the tools to be successful.  Cris is integral in setting up a craft bar where all the details of mis en place, measurement, and technique replace individual fluff.  This allows  DJM to provide a bar that will not only create a consistent drink among many different personalities behind the bar, but will also maintain freshness, seasonality and cutting edge creativity.




Gregory Genias, Craft Bar Development

BootlegGreg is the co-owner of BootlegGreg Cocktail Co., a concept cocktail and health conscious beverage company.  He serves as the cocktail consultant for the DJM restaurant group specializing in craft bar development and training.  You can see some of Greg’s work on NBC network, CT drinks, Drinking in America book by Niki Ganong and his feature in the NYC play Speakeasy Dollhouse.  Visit his site here for more information on Greg.










Joe Mizzoni, Culinary Team

Joe has worked as a culinary specialist for DJM for many years.  Joe has helped to develop new teams in the kitchen, inspire culinary excitement, train on all aspects of professional execution and mentor individuals to achieve very difficult goals.  Joe is an expert in working with cooks and assessing their abilities and then developing a system to bring them to a higher level.






Ed Schumacher, Creative + Design

Ed is the designer behind most of our graphic, logo, menu presentation, web and print designs.  Led by accomplished creative and commercial director, Edward Schumacher, known for his television and commercials for companies like Sony, Honda, Target and Mercury Insurance, Schumacher brings a unique style and expertise to each of our projects.