DJM Restaurants | Even Keel Fish and Oyster
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Even Keel Fish and Oyster

Even Keel Fish and Oyster.  


Modern Floridian Coastal Cuisine

Even keel  proceeding in a smooth and level manner : characterized by stability or consistency

Even Keel isn’t just our name it’s our way of life.  It represents the solid and steady path we have taken to get to this point in our journey.  It represents the always warm attitude, always consistent food, constant fresh products, and always creative vibe of our team.  

Our kitchen is a chef-driven, farm-to-table workshop where we create ever-changing menus dictated by the season’s finest products of time and place. 

Our style is what we like to call “modern Floridian coastal” dining, highlighting the season’s vibrant, locally sourced bounty from both land and sea. 

Even Keel celebrates the philosophies of sustainability and localism.  We search for the best products but always reach out first to our local communities artisans to best support the people who live among us.