DJM Restaurants | Amp 150
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Amp 150

Featuring modern American cuisine, built upon foundations of flavor, freshness, and innovation, AMP 150 is a 200-seat restaurant and bar with an open casual feel playing up-beat rock and roll and serving tasty selections all priced under $20.

(A)merica’s (M)odern (P)alette  at 150th street is the newest culinary excitement to hit Cleveland this fall.  Just like the power of a screaming 150-watt Fender amp, this restaurant rocks with the excitement of its open space, creative cuisine, handcrafted drinks, and upbeat play list.    For chef Dean being “green” is a given and a way of life, not a marketing tool.  With a farm to table approach for over 20 years in his restaurants, chef Max has spent his life exemplifying how ingredients define the experience