DJM Restaurants | Cheeca Lodge Resort
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Cheeca Lodge Resort

Official Cheeca Jan 08

      DJM Restaurants launched all the food and beverage operations after a multi-million dollar renovation in 2009.  The DJM  group, along with the Cheeca Lodge resort owners, created an incredible five star experience which allowed  for impressive packaging of the resort for sale.  The ownership group walked away with an amazing return on their investment.









South Florida’s premier chef, Dean James Max unveils his first south Florida property outside of 3030 Ocean at the Cheeca Lodge Resort, Islamorada, in the Florida Keys.  Set to open on December 15th of 2009, the newly renovated resort will be under the culinary reign of chef Max.  The property will host a sushi restaurant, Nikai, and the seafood & steak restaurant, Atlantic’s Edge.  Max will also over see the banquets which host’s incredible weddings and business meetings with views of the ocean that are unrivaled.  The pool and spa will also feature his flare for cooking fresh, local, and light.  Being one of Florida’s top seafood guru’s, chef Max is well connected with the local seafood scene and even sits on the board of the seafood advisory council to the department of agriculture.  Along with his other board positions on the Florida restaurant Association and the culinary advisory council to the Art Institute, he is connected with all aspects of the culinary world in the state.