DJM Restaurants | Pink Sands Resort
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Pink Sands Resort


Our Modern Bahamian Cuisine is reflected in many different aspects such as our focus on all fresh products made in house with no fillers or preservatives. We buy all natural meats and poultry, sustainable seafood, and as much locally fresh produce as possible. We embrace traditional food combinations of the islands history, but twist them to accommodate for the modern concerns of our guests, such as using less gluten, fat, and GMO products, and highlighting the seasons with fresh items.


On our menu, we proudly serve a large array of local artisan products such as island gathered honey, locally roasted coffee beans, in addition to lots of vegetables and seafood. Organic is important to us, but more importantly we believe in all natural products without the use of steroids, growth hormones, and animals raised responsibly. As well as our preference for products and practices that are sustainable, we try to embrace the idea of localism to strengthen our community.


We also realize that guests are here to experience the island, not only in its physical beauty and relaxed atmosphere, but also in its rich cultural heritage of island cuisine. So it’s up to us here at The Pink Sands Resort to become true ambassadors of service and cuisine.