DJM Restaurants | 3030 Ocean
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3030 Ocean

For 14 years, 3030 Ocean  was the flagship of the DJM restaurants empire.  Chef Max returned from Brentwood, California to his home in South Florida to open this icon seafood restaurant delivering farm to table modern seafood in one of the area’s finest beach resorts.  Chef Max developed his grass roots techniques to bring in the local customers along with the regular resort guests, making 3030 Ocean one of the areas most sought after reservations.

dining room 3030

A big key to the success of chef Max is his relationship building and mentoring skills.  Developing managers into lasting relationships that bloom successful entrepreneurs.  Dean maintained a solid staff at 3030 and kept his restaurant manager and chef de cuisine for over 10 years.  He also developed new blood which spread to his other ventures to ensure a consistent commitment to excellence.  3030 Ocean has been awarded a laundry list of achievements from Best Seafood, to Best Service to Best Overall restaurant.  To this day, 3030 Ocean sets the standard for modern seafood in South Florida.