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Parallel Post


Parallel to the old post road directly off of the Merritt Parkway lays Parallel Post, chef Dean James Max’s newest modern American restaurant focused on seasonal regional cuisine. Just like the old rustic parallel posts that bordered the farms of the country hillsides of Connecticut, New York and Vermont, this restaurants roots sprout from the fertile ground of the Northeast.  Inspired by the deep flavors of the summer fruits and vegetables, to the sweet flavor of New England seafood, and the rich palate of the areas artisan cheese and dairy producers, we find passion in sourcing the best flavors to bring to our table for you. 

Our menus are a labor of love – a love of the finest foods. We proudly serve a large array of local artisan products.  Organic is important to us, but more importantly we believe in all natural products without the use of steroids, growth hormones, and animals raised responsibly.  As well as our preference for products and practices that are sustainable, we try to embrace the idea of localism to strengthen our community.  Our menu hosts a wide array of options in dining from snacks to small plates, large entrees, and even a multi-course tasting menu.  This gives the diner the option to have something very simple and quick, or a more formal experience for those special occasions.  Most of our items are priced under $25, which is incredible considering the high quality of products we serve.  Our passion for the seasons and what it brings to us in our food keeps us always searching for great new combinations.