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Cultivar Modern Mexican



The Birth of Cultivar

Cultivar Mexican Kitchen is the culmination of a combined 32+ years of culinary experience. Fueled with a passion for food & hospitality and backed by many late nights in the test-kitchen. We set out to create a spot that would provide a dining experience unlike any other. We wanted to combine the high-quality approach with the convenience of Fast Casual.

In 2014, Founders Gary Goldman & Chef Dean James Max decided it was time.The dream was simple: A place where everyone felt at home. The food had to taste fantastic. Made with the absolute best of ingredients that we can source.  Just good honest food. What’s better than that? With support from friends, family, and the amazing Oklahoma City community, that dream became a reality. So welcome! Cultivar Mexican Kitchen is Oklahoma City’s home base for clean and creative fast-casual. You’ll find us in the historic Automobile Alley, serving up Craft Tacos, Fresh Salads, Hearty Burritos, and Seasonal Cocktails. But enough about us. Come on by and tell us a bit about yourself and grab some of the best Authentic Mexican food north of the border!


We have poured all of our energy into creating an atmosphere that will provide you with the best tasting food, made with the fresh ingredients. We have gone above and beyond to fall in line within our mission: to serve food that is fresh, creative, and tastes great!


Cultivar offers a different experience for everyone. Looking for a great place to have a nice dinner with the best ingredients in town? Looking for a quick, fresh salad on your lunch break? Our two line setup may be complex, but trust us, it’s well worth it.

Our indoor/outdoor patio is perfect for enjoying the view of downtown Oklahoma City, while protecting you from the elements. Every booth is equipped with power outlets and USB ports for the charging of your devices. Stay connected and fuel your work with some craft tacos, maybe even a margarita or two. We won’t tell the boss if you won’t.



All Craft Salsa, made to order guacamole, chips and queso


All corn tortillas are made in house in the traditional Nixtamal process.

Seasonal and craft tacos with all house made hot sauces