DJM Restaurants | Latitude 41
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Latitude 41

On the line of Latitude 41 in Barcelona, Spain, Columbus landed with culinary treats from the New World.  As the Queen waited in excitement of these amazing finds, you can imagine the anticipation of what was to be enjoyed.  In celebration of these discoveries, we   at Latitude 41 share a passion to provide a culinary journey through the use of the amazing products that our modern world has to offer.  In this quest to return to a world of natural, fresh and pristine ingredients, we seek out hand crafted products and utilize the talents of our American artisans to provide us with food that remembers the old world.  Cuisine based around the simplicity of locally grown vegetables, free range meats, and naturally raised poultry.

This localized concept of Latitude 41, which we opening inside of the Columbus downtown Renaissance hotel was a huge success from the beginning.  Now after six great years of growth, we are still setting the trends in this vibrant midwestern city.