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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Killer tips to improve alexa rank of your blog

Killer tips to improve alexa ranking
Now a days, Alexa is being popular day by day to measure the popularity and traffic of a website. Every blogger is looking for some tips and tricks to improve alexa rank of his/her blog. Some of them are hiring experts to improve their blog's alexa ranking. I have posted a brief intro of Alexa in my blog few days ago. In this post, I'll tell you some killer ways to improve your blog's alexa rank within 3 months. Believe me, these tricks work perfectly but few of these are against Pro Blogger fashion, but if you are struggling to improve your alexa rankings, then you may follow these tips.

1. Publish A Review of Alexa In Your Blog

I've noticed that after publishing any post related to alexa with a dofollow backlink makes the alexa rank of the blog better. It sounds silly but it is personally tested by me and really works. So every blogger must publish at least one post related to Alexa in his/her blog.

2. Create An Alexa Toolbar of Your Blog and Distribute It to Your Freinds

If you've read my previous post on Alexa, then you might be aware of this fact that Alexa measures the traffic of a site through the data collected by Alexa Toolbar. If your blog visitors are using alexa toolbar, then your Alexa rankings will be improved. So, create an account on Alexa and create a toolbar for your blog and tell your friends to install it in their computers.

3. Publish Interviews of Other Bloggers

This method is against Pro Blogger fashion, that's why I don't use it. But you know, this is the trick which works faster than any other trick to improve alexa rankings. The reason behind it, again, Alexa toolbar + Referral traffic. Any new blogger wants to see his name being featured in other blogs and feels proud in it. So, you may choose some bloggers who are of such type. Ask them for a text based interview and publish their interviews in your blog. What you get in return? You get a part of their own traffic. Those bloggers and most of their visitors use Alexa toolbar and their visit to your blog improves your alexa rank. When you publish their interviews in your blog, they share your blog's link with their friends and visitors. In this way, you get more unique visitors and your blog gets some publicity also. (You should try to interview new bloggers with good number of visitors. They don't reject you because they feel proud when someone asks them for an interview. But don't try to ask for interviews to Pro Bloggers, because they are totally neutral towards giving interviews for any other blogger. They are business minded and they accept interview proposals of reputed and high quality media sites only).

4. Other Methods

The above three tips work perfectly. There are still some ways to improve your Alexa rank and you can read them by clicking here.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

What is Alexa and How It Works?

What is Alexa and How It Works?
If you are a webmaster or an Internet aware person, then you might have heard about Alexa. You migh have spent few hours on searching "What is alexa", "How Alexa Works", "How Alexa Measures Traffic" etc. Well, if you are a serious webmaster then you might be aware of this fact that Alexa rankings are also very important factor which an advertiser or a web analyst looks for. So, I'm writing this article to clear some common doubts of the webmasters.

What Is Alexa?

Alexa Internet Inc. is a subsidiary company of Alpha XR, which is California based. It was founded in 1996 as an independent company by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat, but later it was acquired by Amazon in 1999. Alexa provides traffic data, global rankings, top keyword details, age group of site visitors, backlink details, bounce rate, total spent time of a user on any website, etc for other websites. To judge a website, most of the advertisers and webmasters use alexa data.

How Alexa Works To Determine the Traffic of Any Site?

Good question. Actually there may be a big difference between the actual traffic data and alexa data of a website. Alexa offers a toolbar, addons and browser extension to the internet users which tracks the browsing data of the users and suggests them where to go next. Alexa's traffic ranks are based on the data provided by the users in Alexa's global toolbar panel over a rolling 3 months period.

It Seems to Be Confusing. Please Explain In Detail.

Well, let me explain it more clearly. Suppose you are a web user and you have installed Alexa toolbar in your browser. Now if you are surfing web through Alexa's toolbar, then you are providing your data of visited sites to alexa and other users like you who are using Alexa toolbar also provide their data to alexa's global toolbar panel. So, in this way the traffic rank of a website is measured. The more alexa toolbar users visit your site, the more your site's ranking will be.
A site's ranking is judged on the basis of the combined measure of unique visitors and page-views. Unique visitors are determined by the number of unique alexa users who visit a particular site on a particular day. Pageviews are the total number of alexa user requests for that site. However, if you are sending multiple requests for a same site on a same day from the same location, then your pageviews will be counted as 1. So, if your site has less number of unique visitors but high number of pageviews from non unique visitors, then your site's ranking will be poor. The sites with high number of unique visitors and pageviews are ranked on top positions. So, if any site has the highest number of unique visitors and pageviews, that will be ranked as #1.

Is there any proved trick to increase Alexa Rank?

The answer is, NO. Alexa ranks can't be improved using any trick because it totally depends on the data sent by alexa toolbar users for your site. However, you can take your site's ranking at a better position by following some simple rules which I mentioned here : Tips to improve Alexa Rank.

Does Alexa Provides Accurate Rankings of Any Website?

As I already told that Alexa depends on the data it collects from it's toolbar users, and it is not true that all internet users use Alexa toolbar. So, the ranking provided by Alexa are not accurate, however they are estimated. Alexa rankings can only be used as a rough analysis of traffic of any site.

Should I Subscribe To Alexa Pro Plan?

It depends on you, and personally, I say, NO. If you need a deep traffic analysis of your website, then you may go for Alexa Pro. After purchasing Alexa Pro plan, you will get Certified Metrics. It gives webmasters insights of web traffic with more accurate metrics. After subscribing to any Pro plan, you will have to add a tracking code in all your website pages and it may take about 2 months to rank your website under certified metrics. But the reason why I don't prefer getting pro plan is that the certified metrics ranks are much poor than the toolbar based rankings. So, to get top rankings under certified metrics, you need a massive traffic on a regular basis to maintain your rankings at high position.

If you want to know more about alexa, then you may do some researches and collect information from other resources available on the web.
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Sunday, 23 February 2014

How to Boost Alexa Rankings of Your Blog

How to Boost Alexa Rankings of Your Blog
How to Boost Alexa Rankings of Your Blog, it is another most searched keyword in search engines. Generally bloggers don't pay attention towards their alexa rank and look for advertisers to get advertisements for their blogs. But what actually an advertiser looks about a blog is Traffic, Quality and quantity of the content and Alexa rank of the blog. So you should not avoid working on your alexa rankings also. Alexa ranks each website according to their traffic and backlinks and updates the rankings daily. So you may notice increase or decrease in your alexa rankings on different days.
Well, I'm going to tell you some tips to boost your alexa rankings:

1. Register An Account On Alexa And Add Your Website/Blog

To register an account, visit and register for a free account (later, you can upgrade your account as alexa pro and claim your site to verify ownership of the domain). Now login to your account and add your website and update its details.

2. Use Alexa Widgets In Your Blog

Putting alexa widgets in your blog is also a good idea to increase the alexa rankings. If the visitors will click on the widget, the hit is recorded in the alexa server which may cause boost in alexa ranking for your site.

3. Increase Traffic on Your Blog

Promote your blog in social media, reply to the questions of users in different forums and include your blog's link with your answers, write guest posts on other blogs etc to increase traffic and if you get nice traffic, you will notice boost in your alexa rankings.

4. Write Some Quality Articles Daily

Try to write a few quality articles daily. This will make your blog an active blog and visitors will return to your blog daily which will make them loyal readers and will cause increase in traffic, hence increase in alexa rank.

5. Use Alexa Toolbar And Create Alexa Toolbar For Your Site

Install Alexa toolbar in your browser and create your own alexa toolbar from your alexa account. Encourage your visitors to install your alexa toolbar to increase your alexa rankings.
Get our toolbar!

Well, there are no solid tricks to boost alexa rankings, although some companies are using alexa bots to increase the alexa rankings of their clients' websites. But using bots is always dangerous because once if you are caught, your website's reputation will go down and you may be hit by google panda or penguin penalties.

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