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Saturday, 26 April 2014

How to Boost Adsense CPC and Increase Earnings

Boost Adsense CPC
Google Adsense is the most popular way to monetize the content among bloggers. However getting an AdSense account application approved is very tough because google is very strict about its terms. If you have an approved AdSense account and you are making money with your blog, then I am going to share some tips to increase the CPC rate of your ads and increase your earnings.

Use Recommended Ad Sizes By AdSense

While creating new Ad unites, you must use the default recommended ad sizes. Google serves better ads for these units and these are more eye-catching. You can use other ad sizes also which suits your blog design but recommended ad sizes generate better CPC.

Best Places For Ad Placement

Instead of placing ads here and there, you must know the best ad position for your blog. The best ad placement area is top right side in the header. After that, you can place an ad in the top of the right sidebar. Some good places to put ads are:
  • Top Right Side of Header
  • Top of the Right Side Header
  • Below Post Title
  • Post Footer

Implement AdSense For Search

If you are using Custom Search (click here) then to increase your CPC, you can use search advertisement feature also. After implementing custom search feature, your ads will appear just inside the search results generated by your custom search bar.

Type of Ads

Use both, text and rich media ads in your blog. I have noticed that text ads generate more CPC than banner ads but sometimes rich media ads perform better because they look more attractive and visitors click them to see what they are. But I suggest you to use equal ratio of text and banner ads.

Use Asynchronous Ads

Google provides Asynchronous Ads also which load faster than any other ads. To enable these ads, just login to your adsense accout and click My Ads. Now from the previously created, click "Get Code" option. Now from the code type dropdown menu, select Asynchronous (Beta) and then you will get your new Asynchronous ad code.

generate asynchronous ad codes

Note : Instead of adding the asynchronous script code in your each ad of your blog, add it in the blog template. Open template editor of your blog and add the following code just before </head> tag.

<script async src=""></script>

Now while adding asynchronous ads in your blog, you don't need to add <script async src=""></script> with your ad sections.

Hope these tips will help you boost your CPC for AdSense ads. Keep visiting for more tips and tricks and subscribe to our newsletter to get our updates directly in your mailbox.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Tips For Fast Google AdSense Approval

Tips For Fast Google AdSense Approval
Google AdSense is a program by google which pays it's publishers for advertising google ads on their websites. If you have a blog or website with nice content and traffic then you can earn a handsome amount from google AdSense. But it is really very difficult to get your website approved by google. Most of the times, google rejects AdSense applications saying that the website doesn't comply with google policies. So, I'm going to tell you some things to keep in mind before applying for Google AdSense.

1. Add A Privacy Policy Page In Your Blog
Privacy Policy is a very important thing for any website. It tells your visitors how your website uses their online data, what they should do and what they should not. It makes your website working transparent and helps visitors to know clearly about your website policies. It may not be a major issue for Adsense Approval but you should give it a try.

2. Add An About Us Page:
Adding an About Us page also makes it clear for visitors that who are you and what are you doing on your website. It gives details about your website, tells it's background and hence builds trust between you and your visitors.

3. Add A Contact Page:
AdSense may look for your contact details for application approval because it proves that there is a real person behind the website. Contact page helps the visitors to contact you and do inquiries and send feedback.

4. Clearly Visible Name and E-Mail:
Make sure that your full name and email address (or contact details) are clearly visible on contact page or any other suitable place. This makes your presence valid.

5. Your Age Must Be At Least 18 Years:
While entering your date of birth in the adsense application, make sure that your age becomes 18 years or more, otherwise your request will be rejected.

6. Minimum Number of Posts:
There is no limit of posts for applying for AdSense, but for better results, you must apply for AdSense after 70+ posts. The length of each post must be of 500+ words.

7. Design And Navigation:
The design of your site must be professional or easy to navigate. Don't use lots of javascript effects or lots of images. Make the design simple and clear and use navigation bar to make the navigation easy. Always try to include a search bar in your site so that the visitors can search what they are looking for.

8. Content Is King:
The most important thing is the content of the site. Never copy any other site's content and always try to write unique content for your site. If your content is unique and valuable for the visitors, the traffic of your site will increase day by day and this is what google looks for. Never use abusive or pornographic content and don't publish cracked softwares and copyrighted material. So make your content easy to understand and useful.

9. Provide Value To Your Readers:
Never say that you are blogging for money or just for time pass. Try to build a relationship with your readers and provide value to them. Be interactive with them and be humble and honest for your readers. Say that you are trying your best to help your readers and will keep it on.

10. Use A Top Level Domain:
Instead of using free domain like, use a top level domain like .com, .net and .org. These domains are given preference by search engines and will improve search results which will drive more traffic to your site.

11. Never Use Other Ad Networks With AdSense:
Before applying for AdSense, remove ads from other Ad Networks like Clicksor, Chitika etc. Google doesn't allows any publisher to use any other network's banner ads with AdSense. Although you can't use banner ads, but you can use In-Text ads, such as Infolinks with google AdSense.

12. Don't Use Paid Traffic or Paid To Click Sites:
Google hates paid clicks because these clicks are not valuable for google Advertisers and they don't get any response. So google cancels those accounts which use paid clicks.

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